A fabulous melting pot of landscapes and cultures, Mauritius offers so much more than world-famous beaches. This is an exotic Indian Ocean island where stress melts away and visitors can forget any notion of time. And it’s a country with many secrets to uncover. The photos don’t lie – Mauritius beaches evoke all the superlatives. There are so many to choose from, so none get too crowded. But the island really rewards exploration as well. Think hiking on volcanic mountains, searching for rare wildlife, swimming with dolphins,
superb snorkelling, visiting colonial relics and Indian temples, plus connections with a unique local culture.

While the Maldives consists of more than a thousand tiny islands, Mauritius is all about one larger main island. Grand Baie in the north is the main visitor hub, with the widest choice of resorts and beaches. Families will love the west coast while the eastern coast has the absolute best beaches. The island isn’t that big so all visitors can combine rainforest, beach and reef in a single afternoon.

While there are a couple of private island resorts, the key to a great Mauritius holiday is finding a balance between beautiful exploration and all the Indian Ocean downtime. You need to know the possibility and how the island can mould around your mood. We are meticulous about details and personally handcraft every element of an itinerary. Whether it’s doing nothing or doing a lot, we will help you uncover the Mauritius secrets.